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Dealing with an inherited home can certainly become an emotional and difficult time. Often times there can be more than one family member given ownership to the property, and in many cases the relatives each live far away from the subject property. This can create tremendous challenges for those relatives managing and collecting on the rents for the property, or even worse, the property may fall vacant for years without ever giving offering it on the market for another family to take care of their new home. Real Texas Buyers LLC understands your situation and we are here to help. We specialize in purchasing homes quickly and professionally, and always work closely with all parties involved throughout the closing process. Our team of closing agents and attorneys will help to make the closing seamless, and ensure that all parties walk away feeling better. We’re problem solvers, please allow for us to help solve your problem today.

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We are a local real estate investment company, and we purchase many homes each month, often times for more than what a seller could make with a real estate agent! How do we do it? We don’t charge a 6% commision, and we don’t tac on ticky-tacky fees. We specialize in solving real estate problems, and work closely with real estate attorneys and closing agents to get deals done seamlessly. If you have a home that has recently been listed with a real estate agent but didn’t sell, then please complete our seller form, and we’d be happy to reach out to you, and make a deal.

Inheritance Home Buying And What It Could Mean For You

Learning that you have inherited real estate can be both pleasant and stressful. For most people, there is a financial benefit associated with inheriting real estate, but there are also financial issues or emotional considerations that can complicate things. When a loved one leaves you property, you essentially can move into the property yourself, lease it out to a tenant, or sell it. With closer inspection of the options, you may decide that selling is the preferred option. It happens every day. Parents leave their children the assets that have been gathered throughout the years, sometimes including the family home. While this may seem like a big pink elephant to try and liquidate, nothing could be easier. Follow these steps and refuse to listen to the past experiences of friends. Not every situation is the same, especially when it comes to family. Baby boomers are expected to inherit about $27 trillion over the next forty years, and much of that will be the homes their parents lived in. Inheriting a parent’s home can bring on a great deal of emotional and financial uncertainty, and it only gets trickier if there are siblings involved. In many cases, this is a family home that the deceased has lived in for years, but in other cases, it may be an investment property. The property may hold sentimental value to you, or you may only have an emotional bond to some of the heirlooms inside the house. If the property is a rental property, tenants may currently be occupying the home. Each situation is unique, and how each heir handles their inheritance can vary. Some may choose to move into the home, but others want to sell it.

We buy houses in their current condition, and we can help you to turn your inherited property into cash with minimal effort.

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