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Why Selling Your House Using a Lease Option Could Be The Best Way To Sell.

Have you been trying to sell your pretty home in a buyer’s market for a while now, but have had little to no luck? One of the biggest reasons why you may not be able to sell, is because buyers are finding it more and more difficult to get approved for a loan. The median credit score required to get a mortgage on a property hovers around 756. That’s well above the average credit score of 695. The typical young American is struggling now more than ever to make their first home purchase.

Lease-option may be the perfect solution to ensure you get top dollar for your home and sell fast. This allows the seller to sell a property that they may not have otherwise been able to sell. In most cases, a seller can also net more money when offering terms to a buyer. With a lease option, you’re basically “renting” your property out to your potential buyer, all while not being required to make any repairs or upgrades, because you have given the tenant-buyer the option to buy at the end of their lease term.

It’s a win-win!

lease option allows you to market your property to people who want to buy a home, but need time to repair their credit to home buying standards. Generally, the terms of a lease-option will also bring you higher rents, allowing for cash flow to come in every single month.

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The seller agrees to lease their property for a duration of time, with the option to buy the home for an agreed upon purchase price. This option to buy is important because it allows for the tenant buyer to repair their credit in the meantime, get an approval letter from their mortgage company, and finally purchase their dream home anytime up to their leases end date. Real Texas Buyers LLC works directly with credit repair companies to get our approved tenant buyers’ credit score up as quickly as possible, so that you can cash out as soon as possible. It’s a true win-win situation!


At Real Texas Buyers we’re here to help sellers and buyers alike. We’re not real estate agents, so there’s no commissions, or charges to you the seller. And we’ll even buy your pretty home at a fair price, often times for more than what sellers would make listing with a traditional agent.


Lease option homes are not that common on the market, but they are in high demand. We take care of the hassles for you. It can be overwhelming, receiving calls from unqualified buyers who look to haggles every dime out of you, and waste your time. We’re haggle free, and dictate the terms to our end tenant buyers. We vet every tenant buyer, and look over every credential with a fine tooth comb before putting them through our credit repair program. We make sure to only bring qualified assignees to the table!

Pre-screening potential tenant – buyer.

We create an application that every interested buyer must complete, including background check, debt to income ratio, credit score, etc.

We help tenant-buyers get qualified for a loans!

 After we approve only the best tenant buyers to place into your home, we then agree on the terms of the purchase with them, so that there’s no haggling for you down the line. We also help our buyers to get qualified for a loans with reputable mortgage brokers, so you as a seller can cash out as soon as possible with no worries. As stated earlier, there is a large pool of people who dream of homeownership, can’t get approved today, but with your cooperation, and our help and expertise, we can make dreams come true!

If you have any questions about selling with lease option we offer a FREE consultation. Just contact us and we will reach back to you within next hour.

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